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Spark generators are elements of gas automation used for instant ignition of gas in the burner of a gas stove and gas oven, or in the burner of a gas heating furnace.
A spark generator consists of an electrode, between which and the burner’s body a spark is generated, which ignites the gas; glazed ceramics made of aluminium oxide; and a wire resistant to high temperature and high voltage, complete with a cap and a casing.
Depending on burner type and location in the stove, we manufacture various spark generators of different sizes of ceramics and different wire lengths.
Depending on individual needs, the spark generators are made with wires in Teflon and silicone sleeving (FEP, MFA, PFA, PTFE, GSV).

GASpro offers spark generators for all gas burners used in gas stoves and furnaces available on the market.